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Mini Symposium
Date and time: 2006. szeptember 5., kedd
Site: Budapesti Műszaki Főiskola, Budapest, Bécsi út 96/b.,


Recent Advances in MOS Devices for RF Applications
Juin Liou ( EDS Distinguished Lecturer )
Budapest, XI. Goldmann György tér 3 V2 / VI/ 627
What is Integrated Engineering Course at BUTE
Peter Korondi
In September ( The date will be announced later )
Summary of presentation
Recent Events
Seminar: Control of Drives with Flexible Couplings 
Stephen Dodds , Fellow of the IEEE
“Lifelong learning” program of Hungarian IAS Chapter
Budapest June09, 2006
Summary of presentation
Visit in Siemens Hungary
Budapest, Hungary February 12, 2006
“Lifelong learning” program of Hungarian IAS Chapter
presenter: Peter Janos Farkas and Istvan Magyar

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