13 July 2004

Dr. Tamas Ruzsanyi
Skoda-Ganz Electrics, Ltd.
Kiraly u. 15. Budapest 1061

Dr. Peter Korondi
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics
Budapest 1111

Dear Dr. Ruzsanyi and Dr. Korondi:

Congratulations! On behalf of the IEEE Executive Director, Dan Senese, it is a pleasure to inform you that the requirements of the IEEE Bylaws have been met, and the IEEE Hungary Section – Industry Applications Society Chapter has been formed. The effective date of this Chapter formation is 01 June 2004.

At this time, we are recording you both as the Interim Chapter Chairs. When an election has been held, please report the name and member number of the new Chapter Chair to the IEEE using the online Officer Confirmation form at http://www.ieee.org/scsreports. If we can assist you in any way in the planning of the Chapter activities, please let us know.

We extend our best wishes for the successful operation of this Chapter.


Cecelia Jankowski
Managing Director
Regional Activities

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