have you heard about summer schools all around the world?

Are you interested in energy, sustainability or economics?

What about a summer academy mixed with technical and social events in a lovely European city?

The Student Association of Energy in cooperation with IEEE BUTE Joint IAS & PES Student Branch Chapter would like to inform you that THE DEADLINE O​​F THE APPLICATION FOR THE 3RD SUMMER ACADEMY ON ENERGY IS NOW EXTENDED. You can find the exact dates and details below. This year’s academy is entitled “The Energy After Tomorrow” with the motto “Handle the crisis, plan the future!”.

We’re proud to announce our guest for the 3rd Summer Academy on Energy, Tomy Sebastian, IEEE IAS President elect. The participants will have the opportunity to join him for a workshop.

Deadlines and prices for the application:

* Application deadline: 3rd July
* Extended application deadline: 24th July
* Notification of acceptance for registration: 27th July
* Final payment deadline: 31st July
* Full price registration fee: 380€

Programs including (subject to change​​):

* Lectures from: Transmission system operator​, Hungarian government, Hungarian Energy Authority, Oil Industry, Budapest University of Technology and Economics
* Lectures about mid-term energy strategies
* Lecture about EU 2020 and 2030 energy strategies
* Case study lectures about crises: Blackouts in power systems, Oil crisis, Nuclear disasters
* Teamwork on a specified task related to energy strategies
* Site visits: Palace of Arts, Research Laboratory
* Exclusive social events

More details, and the terms of applications can be found at eszk.org/academy [1].

Please forward this letter and inform the most talented students at your universities about SAE^2 and support them in applying for this course.

Kind regards,
Organizing Committee of SAE^2

IEEE Region 8 Student & Young Professional Congress 2016

The IEEE R8 Student and Young Professional Congress (SYP Congress) is an event that takes place every two years in the IEEE Region 8. It gathers both student and young professional members from all Sections in the Region and it provides an opportunity to network and get to know over four hundred people from all over the world.

The 2016 version of the Congress will be hosted by the IEEE Student Branches Regensburg and Passau in Regensburg, Germany from the 17th till the 21st of August. The participants will have the opportunity to develop their technical and soft skills in a wide variety of workshops and lectures from local companies and global players and they deal with interesting topics in diverse technical fields, meet other IEEE members, exchange ideas and experiences. At the same time, we will introduce the participants to OTH Regensburg, the city of Regensburg, companies and laboratories in and around our city and the bavarian way of life.

Over four hundred students and young professionals from Africa, Europe and Middle East will create an incredible atmosphere – guaranteed! So take part, make new friends or meet old ones, learn about everything IEEE, network with high-tech companies and exchange ideas with like-minded people from all over Region 8.

More information: https://www.syp-regensburg.de

Distinguished Lecturer Program

IAS Distinguished Lecturer and Prominent Lecturer Program

DLPL Program Bylaws and Procedure Manual

New travel reimbursement: $1000 / $600 (starting March 11, 2016)

DLPL Approval Form

DLPL Follow-up Form

DLPL activity 2012-2015

IAS Distinguished Lecturer Nomination Form for the DL Slate 2017-18

Deadline / Nomination closed: March 1st, 2016

IAS DL List 2017-18

IAS Distinguished Lecturers for 2015-16

Region 1-6

David J Vaglia

Nigel P McQuin

Seth R Sanders

S Mark Halpin

Region 10

Ming Cheng

Narayan A.M.

 P.S. Chandramohanan Nair

IAS Prominent Lecturers for 2016

Region 1-6

Charles J Mozina

Hamid Toliyat

H Landis Floyd

Massimo A G Mitolo, Resume, Abstracts

Marcelo E Valdes

Region 7

George Anders

Region 8

Mircea Popescu

Region 9

Enrique A Tejera M

Region 10

Akira Chiba

S Srenivasa Murthy, Resume, Abstracts

Sang Bin Lee

IAS Prominent Lecturers for 2014-15

Region 1-6

Clark Gellings

Iqbal Husain

John Miller

Pankaj K. Sen

Peter Sutherland

Region 7

Pragasen Pillay

IAS Prominent Lecturers for 2012-13

Regions 1 -6

S. Mark Halpin

John Nelson

Fang Z. Peng

Region 7

Praveen Jain

Region 8

Frede Blaabjerg

Juan M. Martin Sanchez

Region 10

Tsuneo Kume

IAS InterSociety Distinguished Lecturer Program

The IAS InterSociety Distinguished Lecturer (DL) Program is administered through the Chapters & Membership Department and provides IAS Chapters access to distinguished lecturers from the Industrial Electronics Society (IES), Power Electronics Society (PELS) and the Power Engineering Society (PES).

The program was started in 2000 through an inter-society cooperation agreement between IAS, IES, PELS & PES. Further regulations were made in 2008 which remained unchanged in the 2011 and 2014 agreements.

IAS Chapters benefit by having access to a larger selection of distinguished lecturers from societies with similar technical interests.

Information on the IES/PELS/PES DL programs including a listing of DL’s and topics can be found at:

PELS Distinguished Lecturer Program

PES Distinguished Lecturer Program

IES Distinguished Lecturer Program
How It Works

Each Society has agreed to fund its own DLs in accordance with their own funding rules and eligibility. IAS Chapters should contact the appropriate DL Program Chair when utilizing this program.

Questions? Send email to the IAS DL/PL Program Chair, tamas.ruzsanyi@ieee.org

Student Thesis Contest

US$500 Starting Subsidy for new chapters

Having the chapter approved and the Geo-Code provided, please complete and resend the CMD Chair following forms of the Starting Subsidy Sets

– Expense Report

– W8 or W9 Form

– Wire Transfer Request Form

– Chapter Funding Information Form (only for Indian Transactions).

Starting Subsidy Set _ India

Starting Subsidy Set _ Non-India

The chapter is eligible for the starting subsidy if the the document set will be submitted not later than one month after the chapter´s approval date.

We can´t manege starting sunsidy of other Societies. Joint Chapters are requested to contact the other societies in that issue directly.

Processed by the CMD Chapter Development Committee Chair and the  CMD Chapter Development Committee Chair

Chapter Subsidy for Technical Activities, on special request and approval by the CMD Chair

Administrative Items

Expense Report Form 2016

Expense Report Form – Sample

Wire Transfer Request Form

W8 Vendor Add Form (non-US citizens)

W9 Vendor Add Form (US Citizens)

Chapter Funding Information Form _ India Transactions

Individual Funding Information Form _ India Transactions

Chapter Awards and Contests

Outstanding Member Award

Managed by Megha Tak,  CMD Chapter and Member Awards and Contests Committee, Outstanding Member Award Subcommittee Chair

Outstanding Member Award Call For Nominations

Submission due date: March 15th, 2016


Outstanding Chapter Award

Managed by Lesley A. Arakkal, CMD Chapter and Member Awards and Contests Committee, Outstanding Chapter Contest Committee Chair

Outstanding Chapter Award Contest Nomination Form

It is not possible to save draft and continue later. The whole form has to be submitted by one go.

Submission due date: March 15th, 2016


Chapter Web Contest

Managed by Lesley Ann Arakkal, CMD Chapter and Member Awards and Contests Committee, Chapter Web Contest Subcommittee Chair

Chapter Web Contest Application Form

Submission due date: March 15th, 2016


Most Happening IAS Chapter Contest

Managed by Mohit Setia, CMD Chapter and Member Awards and Contests Committee, Most Happening Chapter Contest Subcommittee Chair

Most Happening IAS Chapter Contest 2016 Bylaws and Call For Participation

Submissions continuosly at CMD Newsletter

Evaluation due date: March 15th, 2016


Student Thesis Contest

Managed by Galini Kondyli, CMD Student Thesis Contest Opearion Subcommittee Chair

Student Thesis Contest Bylaws and Call For Application 2016

NEW: Two categories will be considered.

Category 1: PhD Theses

Category 2: Non-Phd Theses

Submission due date: March 31st, 2016


IAS Myron Zucker Undergraduate Student Design Contest

Managed by Mark Halpin, CMD Zucker Planning and Operation Committee Chair, Myron Zucker Design Contest Subcommittee Chair

Promotion leaflet

Application form 2016

Submission due date: March 31st, 2016


Myron Zucker Research Fund

Managed by Blake Lloyd, CMD Zucker Planning and Operation Committee, Myron Zucker Research Fund Subcommittee Chair

Annual Meeting Travel Programs

IAS CMD Conference Student Travel and Publication Program

Managed by Mohit Setia, CMD Conference Publication and Travel Program Committee Chair

Conference Student Travel and Publication Support

Applications will be accepted on demand continuiously.

APEC and ECCE Conference Travel Award Programs

ECCE 2015 – IPCSD Travel Award Program

ECCE 2015 Student Travel Grant Winners´List

ECCE 2015 Student Travel Grant Program

Managed by IAS IPCSD. CMD contact Peter Magyar

APEC 2016 – PSMA Travel Award Program

Managed by PSMA. CMD contact Peter Magyar

Myron Zucker Prevention Through Design Student Engineering Education Initiative

Managed by Anna Floyd, CMD Zucker Planning and Operation Committee, Myron Zucker Prevention Through Design Student Engineering Education Initiative Subcommittee Chair

The program will be launched in conjunction with ESW 2016.

Call for submissions 2016

Winners 2016

Name Project University
Payman Dehghanian Weather-Driven Predictive Risk Assessment of Power System Operation for Electric Safety Texas A&M University, USA
Shiuan-Hau Rau DC Arc Flash Sumulation
Maxime Berger Short-Circuit Protection Analysis in Railway Vehicles DC Power Systems Using a Transient Analysis Tool
Ahad Esmaeilian Impact of Major Power Grid Blackouts Prevention on Electrical Safety

Annual Meeting Travel Programs

Annual Meeting Travel Grant Program (AMTGP)

Managed by Beáta Polgári, CMD Travel Awards Committee, AMTGP Subcommittee Chair

Call For Application 2015

AMTGP 2015 Travel Award Winners´List

Myron Zucker Undergraduate Student Travel Award

Managed by Beáta Polgári, CMD Zucker Planning and Operation Committee, Myron Zucker Undergraduate Student Travel Award Subcommittee Chair

Call For Application 2015

Myron Zucker Travel Award 2015 Winners´List

Online Application for the 2016 Annual Meeting Travel Grants

Call For Application 2016 (will be posted not later than March 31, 2016)

Flow Chart Instruction (will be posted not later than March 31, 2016)

Application: 01-15 April, 2016

Notification about the selection will be announced on April 30th, 2016

Registration for the 2016 Annual Meeting Conference will be starting on May 1st, 2016

ICCC 2015 – 16th International Carpathian Control Conference


Financial sponsor Technical sponsor
Automation and Info-Communication Foundation
for Supporting the Education of Electrical Engineers at University of Miskolc
Department of Automation and Infocommunication 
University of Miskolc
Patrons, supporters
Department of Process Control
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics
AGH – University of Science and Technology
Department of Control Systems and Instrumentation
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
VSB -Technical University of Ostrava
Czech Republic
Institute of Control and Informatization of Production Processes
Faculty of Mining, Ecology, Process Control and Geotechnology
Technical University of Kosice
Slovak Republic
Department of Automatic Control
Faculty of Automation, Computers and Electronics
University of Craiova

Call for papers

The aim of the conference is to support exchange of information and experience in the field of automation of engineering and production, in research, applications, and education. The conference will enable presentation of most recent advances in complex automation, robotics, modelling, control of production and technological processes, including quality control systems oriented to environment, means of support, and information technologies.

The five sister faculties of five universities of the Carpathian region (Kosice, Krakow, Ostrava, Miskolc, Craiova) founded this conference in order to promote the research cooperation and cultural exchanges.

The scientific program of the ICCC’2015 conference is divided in these areas, which will run in parallel sessions:

  1. Measurement, sensors, monitoring and diagnostic systems.
  2. Identification, modelling and simulation of processes and systems.
  3. Theory and application of control systems.
  4. Automation, mechatronics, robotics.
  5. Intelligent embedded systems and instrumentation and Internet of things (IOT)
  6. Information systems (SCADA/HMI, GIS, MES) and their Internet support.
  7. Engineering application of informatics.
  8. Quality control systems (TQM), production management and industrial logistics.
  9. Engineering education in Control and Computer systems.
  10. Fractional Calculus and its Applications.
  11. Smart Grid
  12. Emerging technologies in power electronics
  13. Sustainable energy
  14. Intelligent transportation systems
  15. Geoinformatics
  16. Mining and mineral processing engineering

Papers presented at this Conference may be eligible for review for inclusion in the IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications or the Industry Applications Magazine provided they meet certain requirements:

  • The subject of the paper must be within the technical scope of the IEEE Industry Application Society.
  • The author of the paper must request that it be submitted for review.

The official language of the conference is English.

Keynote lectures

Sebestyén, György, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Kovács, Szilvezter, University of Miskolc, Hungary
Bauer, Pavol, Delft University of Technology The Neederlands


Conference registration and abstract submission December 9, 2014
Confirmation of registration December 16, 2014
Full papers submission for review – January 19, 2015 extended to 26th January, 2015
Notification of acceptance (after review process) March 3-7, 2015
Submission of final camera-ready papers March 23, 2015
The final registration card delivery,
accommodation reservation and payment
April 11, 2015
Conference May 27-30, 2015

Official website: http://iccc.uni-miskolc.hu

New IEEE IAS Hungarian Chapter website

We are proud to announce that from 15/05/2013 the Pannon University is hosting the website of IEEE IAS Hungarian Chapter.

Together with this, we placed the website to a new base, which means a more dynamic and interactive system.

Some of the new features are:

  • IEEE-document style frontend for visitors
  • user authentication and rights (different levels)
  • automated registration (currently disabled, registration is done manually by the administrator)
  • automated post and event handling and publishing through the website (for registered and authenticated users)
  • inner version-tracking system for authors
  • newsletter (in progress)

2012 – A Great Year in Student Chapter Development

Currently, the membership and Chapter development in North America, IEEE Regions 1–7, and outside North America, IEEE Regions 8–10, differ significantly. Figure 1 reflects a certain saturation in the number of North American Chapters, whereas in Regions 8–10, Chapter development is undergoing considerable growth. Two kinds of Chapters can be distinguished: the classical technical Chapters, which belong to the IEEE Industry Applications Society (IAS), and the IEEE section and student branch Chapters (SBCs), which belong to the IAS and the IEEE student branch of a university.

2012 – A Great Year in Student Chapter Development